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Governance and Compliance

The integrated collection of capabilities enable an organization to reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty, and act with integrity.

Efficient compliance procedures in Procurement:

  • Investigating suppliers or potential partners before closing any deals

  • Conducting regular audits

  • Standardizing policies and processes.

  • Ensuring partnerships and/or with reliable suppliers

  • Ensuring quality levels

Policies and Processes

Assisting organizations in establishing the rules of conduct within an organization, outlining the responsibilities of procurement, supply chain, and other staff, thus ensuring the protection of the organization and its employees.

  • Developing policies and processes

  • Simplify policies and processes

  • Implement policies and processes


Vendor Management & Accreditation

Empowering organizations to take appropriate measures for controlling cost, reducing potential vendor risks, thus ensuring high service delivery and value from vendors, by managing all vendor related activities and therefore ensuring improved efficiency and prolonged growth in a cost-effective manner

The accreditation process ensures the new and existing vendors and contractors in an organization are compliant in meeting specific criteria, standards, and organizational requirements to be registered.

Pre-qualification, verification, and authentication of a supplier and its information. 

Approving the wrong supplier based on wrong merits can have consequences for your organization.

All suppliers to comply with the same requirements to be registered, eligible, and approved to conduct business and provide service.


Where exactly is your money going in your organization?

Procurement audits provide unprecedented visibility into your expenditure so that you can better manage your entire spend portfolio.

We offer procurement audit services tailored to your organizational needs, implementing the best practices in Procurement, Strategic Sourcing & Supply chain management.

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Business Development & Growth

Are you ready to take your organization to the next level?

Diagnostic and methodologies used for business development and growth.

Business builder & Growth Accelerator is a coaching and mentoring program for fast-tracking and benchmarking your organization against your competitors and industry.

A Big focus on SME growth and development.

Contact us for more detail and a free analysis of your SME company.

Procurement and Supply Chain Analysis

Procurement & Supply Chain analysis is an effective way to identifying risk.

Strategies using methodologies and smart tools to understand the implications of every choice made by the organization.

Spend Visibility

Setting objectives and identifying improvement potential.


Enterprise and Supplier Development Management

Need help planning or executing your next project? Let us guide you. Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions.

Provide access to business diagnostic and development methodologies, enabling detailed performance gap analysis and learning.

Assisting organizations to create an Enterprise Supplier Development Strategy, identifying potential beneficiaries, training, access potential supply opportunities, and building mutually beneficial partnerships between organizations and vendors

Procurement & Strategic Sourcing

We examine what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are doing it best. 

Analyzing spend is the first element of strategic sourcing - to realize the rewards you must be able to identify savings, opportunities and develop a path to achieving them. Spend analysis realizes sustainable cost savings and enhance supply chain performance.

Providing you with the knowledge and necessary methodologies to successfully reduce cost and ensure your competitive edge.

Crédere can help to lead your organization's RFx events.

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Lifecycle Contract Management

Poor contract management can result in maverick purchasing and lead your organization to missed renewals or accept them at non-competitive rates.

Crédere contract management advisors are prepared to assist your organization with negotiation efforts.

Crédere will help you to implement a contract management framework.

Mitigation of contractual risks, visibility into contract obligations, optimize controls, and compliance to contract terms and conditions, thus ensuring monetary saving and better profits.

Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier relationship management (SRM) is the discipline of strategically planning for, and managing, all interactions with third-party organizations that supply goods and/or services to an organization.

The objective of SRM is to maximize the value of those interactions. In practice, SRM entails creating closer, more collaborative relationships with key suppliers to uncover and realize new value and reduce the risk of failure.

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Working side by side with you as an organization to develop and implement sustainable execution.

Our methodology is centered on establishing measurable success criteria and validation of results while mitigating employee impact to ensure seamless adoption of change.

Crédere can assist with the Project management of your implementation.

Training, Coaching & Development

Targeted training or coaching, specific to your organization's needs, processes, and unique requirements.

Set up of development plans for specific individuals linked to 7 key skills every procurement specialist requires, as well as coaching or training.